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  • Embrace the Power of Your Subconscious Mind for Fast & Effective Learning


    Beyond conscious memory and learning styles: strategies to use the subconscious mind to improve LEARNING in any area of study

    Can the average person to improve the efficiency and capability of his/her learning potential using the powers of the subconscious? Absolutely! Discover our easy immediate and sophisticated methods to learn, trusting in the innate faculties of the mind, to acquire knowledge, solve problems and understand in speed all sorts of arguments and assimilate information with ease and without fear or stress!

    It is the dream of many students as well as professionals engaged in study, to acquire the ability to go over learning and reading assignments, and understand and retain the mentioned arguments without engaging in detailed word-by-word deepening. What about having the skill to isolate at one glance, on a book or on a document, the main information that needs to be understood? And going through any printed matter at great speed, or listen once alone to a lecture and retain it?

    By the methods that will be disclosed you will be able to:

    • Learn how subconscious learning works
    • Learn how to apply subconscious techniques to improve your own learning style
    • Understand rapid reading and applied hypnosis
    • Shed your fears and learn to trust in your learning potential
    • And much more

    There are specific and easy-to-learn ways to use your subconscious mind for various learning situations. They are exposed in a clear and simple manner, so that anybody can improve his learning skills at any time and with minimal effort.

    Whatever your background is, you may benefit of the methods listed and carefully explained in the manual:

    • Reading vs. Fast Reading
    • Find out how the way to access your subconscious mind
    • Learn without stress, get over the “exam” state of mind
    • About brainstorming
    • How to retrieve in your mind information apparently forgotten
    • And in addition, TO BOOST YOUR MEMORY, learn to use an ancient technique adapted to modern times, allowing you to be able to recall instantly, forwards and backwards, and at random, tens, hundreds or even thousands of single data

    The new manual in eBook format, titled LEARNING FAST AND EFFICIENTLY – Book 3 – The Mind Factor explains in a simple and easy manner the methods that can transform your whole concept of learning from average to excellence. Having improved your overall learning faculties, you may earn better results in your studies or in your business environment.

    Following the simple training, described step by step in the eBook, you will be surprised about the possibilities that will open to you: ease in study, less stress, better life!

    All of the above for the discounted small investment of only USD 14.99

    • Original Full Price: USD 21.-
    • Sales Price USD 14.99 (now and for a limited period!)

    Guarantee: I am sure that if you just put a little effort in training your learning skills, you will obtain the results you expect and well beyond. That is why I guarantee your satisfaction. Should you for any reason not appreciate the product, I will refund you in full, no questions asked.

    Take full 90 days to test the methods explained in the manual, and if it doesn’t completely meet your expectations, let me know and I’ll take it back for a full refund.

    In addition to your purchase, you will receive, as a free bonus, the 98 page report on ACCELERATED LEARNING containing interesting aspects of this method as it is studied and applied worldwide

    The Mind Factor (Book / Part #3)
    The Mind Factor (Book / Part #3)
    Price: $21
    Price: $14.99

    Or, Upgrade Now…

    The eBook LEARNING FAST AND EFFICIENTLY is also available as a comprehensive method, including sections on:

    • Learn how to learn
    • How to remember easily
    • How apply your subconscious mind at learning
    • How to adapt your lifestyle in order to keep good learning results

    The eBook with the full method is available at the price of USD 24.- (now and for a limited period) instead of USD 31.- Check it out!

    Learning Fast and Efficiently (Book 1, 2 & 3 Bundle)
    Learning Fast and Efficiently (Book 1, 2 & 3 Bundle)
    Price: $31
    Price: $24.00

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